Project La Concorde high school new pool, Senneterre
ClientCentre de services scolaire de l’Or-et-des-bois
Type of project Sport
Year 2021

La Concorde high school new pool, Senneterre


The new swimming pool is attached to La Concorde High School and located adjacent to the existing gymnasium. The white volume, clad in a metallic coating is fragmented by generous windows, reminiscent of the undulation of a giant wave that surrounds the pool area. The interior space is enhanced by the abundant natural light coming from the north.

The wooden structure, consisting of beams and columns, is organized in a regular and repetitive pattern, creating an interesting rhythm within the pool enclosure and providing a soothing and tranquil atmosphere. The acoustic ambiance is controlled by a system of perforated wooden slats on the walls and ceiling, incorporating acoustic wool as a background.

Vue d'un corridor avec vue sur la piscine
Bouée de sauvetage accorchée au mur
Vue intérieure d'un vestiaire avec casiers, cabines, lavabos et miroir