Project Barriere Lake elementary School
ClientAlgonquins of Barriere Lake
Type of project Education
Territory Outaouais
Year 2021

Barriere Lake elementary School


The Algonquins of Barriere Lake make up a community in the present-day reserve of Rapid Lake, on the shores of Cabonga Reservoir in the middle of La Vérendrye wildlife reserve. The site chosen for the new school is crowned with majestic white pines and stands high over the shoreline, at the foot of a significant drop. The circular concept developed for the new school won over the hearts of community residents.

The textured façade, graced with plenty of windows, surrounds the building’s convex mass. On the schoolyard side, the entirely glazed façade offers building occupants direct contact with nature. The centre point, from which radiating spokes give the building its form, is marked by an immense teepee in the middle of the schoolyard.

Rendu architectural de l'école primaire Kitiganik school de Lac Barrière
Rendu architectural d'une vue intérieure de l'école primaire Lac Barrière avec silhouettes
Rendu architectural d'une vue extérieure de l'école primaire Lac Barrière avec silhouettes